How Technology Affects Children

Hannah Auger’s article, “The IOT for Kids: How Technology Affects Our Children,” explores some specific pros and cons of our increasingly technological world. She explains that what it really comes down to is parenting, not the technology itself, which I think is a very valid claim. The pros she discusses are its uses for educating children and keeping watch over them and her cons are that it enables helicopter parents to go to extremes and that it makes children less able to interpret emotion. She uses specific products and studies to support her claims.

I think it’s interesting that Auger puts so much responsibility on the parents. A lot of the arguments I hear are entirely attacking the children and their laziness, but Auger brings attention to the fact that parenting plays a heavy role in how children interact with their technology.

I think this could be an interesting topic to explore but I also fear that I won’t be able to find very many valid arguments because I feel like a lot of the arguments in this topic revolve heavily around emotions and that people are unlikely to change their stance. I think that technology shouldn’t be demonized as heavily as it sometimes is and I hope to be able to find more articles agreeing with me (and using valid claims to back this up).


One thought on “How Technology Affects Children

  1. I like this article because I do agree with the fact that helicopter parents take it too far in being parents. Although this somewhat of a broad topic, I think you can find plenty of articles based on this subject if you find the right websites to look it up. I don’t think there is anything I disagree about with this subject, I think that parents need to watch themselves when watching over their kids, otherwise they may turn to ways to break free like drugs and alcohol.


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