Removing Fluoride From Water

My article, “Machias to consider removing fluoride from water,” is about a municipality in Maine that is soon going to vote on whether or not to continue fluoridating water. The vast majority of the state (and the country, as far as I know) fluoridates their water and, as the author says, is supported by credible organizations such as the American Medical Association and the World Health Organization. The only reason this is being put to a vote now is because there is a vocal minority that thinks that fluoridation is incredibly bad for you.

The audience for this article is likely intended to be Maine voters because that’s who the issue affects. The author provides the facts of the situation and sort of allows the reader to take their own stance based on the information at hand and doesn’t have much credibility besides being a reporter on the topic (which is probably about as much credibility I will have when I write my PRE). However, all the facts provided seem to indicate that fluoride is beneficial and that the people who disagree are crazy and just looking for something to get mad about. I’ll have to do more research into the actual effects of fluoride in order to see who’s more accurate, but my current stance is that fluoridation is beneficial. I also think this because my mother works in a dental office and that’s her stance, so perhaps I could use that connection to give myself more credibility.


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