“Okay at Any Size”

Dr. David Katz (who provides ethos with his expertise as a medical doctor) discusses the movement of fat acceptance in his article “Why I Can’t Quite Be Okay With ‘Okay at Any Size‘”. His audience appears to be people who support the “healthy at any size” movement. He talks about how adamantly he approves of the sentiment that people should not be demonized for being fat, but goes on to say that when someone’s weight is harmful to their health, they should not be encouraged to stay the same or even get worse. He uses lots of stats and hard facts to describe the increasingly unhealthy situation people are facing, referencing increased occurrences of diabetes and strokes. He uses hypotheticals too; he says that if we stay on the path we are currently, children are going to be facing health risks at even younger ages.

I think Katz’s argument is very effective. He knows his audience. By commenting that be believes weight does not equate worth, he is acknowledging his audience’s most fundamental belief. However, his facts about health give his audience a look into the valid downsides of “healthy at any size.” I agree with the author and want to further explore the effects of various media on body image and health.


One thought on ““Okay at Any Size”

  1. This was a very intriguing read. I’ve had many of these same thoughts but have felt unsure about having them because they are right on the line between honest and hurtful. I think he has all the credibility in the world for the fact that he’s a doctor, just like you mentioned, but beyond that he does a good job cradling the issue, presenting it as concern for health and an attempt at education rather than criticism. Interesting topic.


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