Free the Nipple

Kylie Cheung’s article “Free the Nipple Has Become A Divisive Political Issue in Springfield, MO” gives some background on the Free the Nipple movement and what’s going on in Springfield. The author is a feminist from the Bay Area and holds rather liberal views; she is clearly in favor of the Free the Nipple movement. It would appear that her audience is conservative people who may not realize how sexist it is to criminalize women’s breasts. She wants them to realize the double-standard and support the movement both socially and politically. She uses facts and quotes to describe the situation in Springfield and adds commentary to guide the reader to her conclusions regarding the nature of the events.

I think she presents her information rather well, however, she might not have considered her audience quite enough. I think conservative people would be much more hesitant to accept her argument and, in turn, would need a more carefully worded approach in order to prevent them from shutting out her ideas. For example, she seems to assume the reader will be on her side when she displays the opposing side, when in reality her audience might see that “opposing side” and agree with it, therefore dismissing her argument. She could fix this by elaborating on her counter-argument.

I agree with the author. I think that the idea that women’s breasts are inherently sexual is asinine. However, I understand that it’s a cultural thing and that it won’t be easy to change the way people think in America. I think it would be interesting to explore more people’s opinions, especially people from places like Europe, where women’s toplessness is not quite so shocking.


3 thoughts on “Free the Nipple

  1. Great job! I think this is a great topic. If it was brought up a few years ago people would have been blown away, but it is a good time to discuss “freeing the nipple.” I think it is a great idea to go around the world and see others views on this topic. I would think they would be vary different from ours here in America, and Utah. Have you been to the ARC? There is a “lactation room,” you could mention rooms like that being built. Good job again!!

    Brittnee Jacobson


  2. Very good read. As the father to a primarily breastfead daughter, I’m always interested in the extreme currency of this issue. I agree with you, though, the author could have done a better job addressing her audience. I think this paper brings up a really good root issue as well, how important is it to have current people in office? How often do valid, important ordinances get overlooked because “that’s the way it’s always been,” and our policy makers are just old and resilient to change?

    Very interesting read.


  3. Nice work Emily. And as much as I think the issue is very interesting and worth considering as a potential PRE topic, I think the consideration you give to whether or not breasts are sexual or simply sexualized by culture is fascinating. I’m certain you could take this topic in quite a few different direction. I would be curious to see how you would decide to turn this into an argument.


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